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Do I Sell It Myself or List With A Realtor?

Do I Sell It Myself Or List With a Realtor?


las vegas real estate center- 1810 E. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas 89104Every day I see new ads or signs go up with the words “For Sale By Owner” and some actually sale before we REALTORS® can move in for the attack with our superior listing presentation that is the sure fire way to get your home SOLD in the least amount of time. Odds are that if you don’t list right away, by the time the third week rolls around you will probably list your home. The numbers are an astounding 85% that eventually list … another percent just give up out of frustration. Well it’s unfortunate that the home was exposed to the market already by the time it is listed and those buyers that have been looking have seen your home and probably know how much it was up for sale at that time. In comes the REALTOR® and the price might be adjusted for you, to help pay for the closing costs. That way you can end up with the same amount as you planned on getting when you were selling yourself. There’s one problem with this, the home will only sale for what the market will bring or “what a buyer is willing to pay.” And it has already been exposed to the market, the first 2 weeks being the most important. Sellers in most cases end up making less money and spend more time before their home actually sells. How you say? During the time that the home is on the market, someone is still making the mortgage payment meaning you. One month goes by, then 2 months and so on. Now, the buyer comes along and finds out that your home has been available for some time. He will definitely have a low offer to present to you … figuring the motivations to sell will be greater. Is he right? Of coarse he is! And all this time spent trying to save money in costs or commissions. If it were me, I would list my home and price it right on the first day. Lining up my dominoes and moving on down the road.


Below is a list of just a few things that should be done before putting your home on the market, this way that first impression will be a lasting one and hopefully bring an offer.


Shampoo carpets and polish floors.
Wash or brush walls.
Wash windows and clean blinds and draperies.
Remove all items you plan to take that the buyers might ask for.
Keeping the drapes and blinds open will make your rooms look bigger.
Keep the kitchen clean and try not to let it looked cluttered.
Clean out the refrigerator. Arm and Hammer wouldn’t hurt.
For showings, baked cookies or bread. Cinnamon or vanilla works easier.
Keep bathrooms clean and neat.
Repair all dripping faucets or showerheads.
Walk around and look for needed repairs or eyesores.
Look for things that might be in the way or distracting to the buyers.


Clean up the clutter in the front and back yards.
Keep the lawns trimmed.
Try to keep the garden beds weeded.
Fill any cracks or potholes in your driveway.
Clean off your outdoor furniture.
Clear out the garage or reduce the inventory.
Touch up or paint all doors. And repair handles if necessary.
Repair broken windows, shutters, hinges, locks, screens etc;
Walk around and look for needed repairs or eyesores.



1.  Your home should be priced close to what the homes in your neighborhood have sold for, in the last 6 months. Pricing to high will only scare potential buyers from looking at your home and prevent REALTORS® from pull them up on the MLS on some searches.
2.  A home warranty can be offered to buyers to insure that they will be protected after the purchase and may make them feel more comfortable with deciding to make an offer.
3.  Your REALTOR® will have many forms for you to fill out or sign that will protect you and the buyer through the whole process to close. Some of these include: Agency Disclosure, Mortgage Company Notification, Lead-Base Paint Disclosure, Home Warranty Application, Residential Data Form, Exclusive Right To Sell, Home Owners Association Form and Property Condition Disclosure.
4.  A Net Sheet should be provided to you, detailing what the estimated cost should be for selling your home.
5.  You should then find out from your REALTOR® if needed repairs are in order, that may be noted either from an appraiser or home inspector. Some of these could be: Broken
windows, debris in crawl space, dry rot or deteriorated wood, earth-wood contact,
overgrown shrubbery, electrical not in working condition, gutters and downspouts blocked
or missing, a hot water tank without a 3/4″ discharge line, inadequate foundation ventilation,
inadequate attic ventilation, less than four feet of waterproof material around tub enclosures, less than 18″ clearance between soil and floor joists under entire house, peeling or missing paint, plumbing not in working condition, single oil or gas space heaters to heat entire house, water damage inside home. So if you already know of some of these possible problems already, then it would be advantageous to take care of them early.
6.  A sign hung on a post will make it easier to see when buyers are out looking. If you choose a REALTOR® that uses a smaller type, you can request that a post be used and have a sign company install it.
7.  The Multiple Listing Service is actually the best tool for selling homes nowadays. It is a service that only REALTORS® have access to and in the Las Vegas Area the number of REALTORS® is about 5500. Considering that all REALTORS® are working with at
least 5 buyers on the average, that means more exposure for your home. Other tools and
advertising work … but are secondary to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)..
8.  Once an offer comes in and you decide to accept it, it could take anywhere from 2 days to 2 months to close on your home. Your REALTOR® should keep you current on
9.  A title search will be ordered for your property and should be completed before the agreed close date.
10.The buyers, unless paying cash will apply for the loan to purchase your home. The
REALTORS® should be informed during this stage and should be able to keep you current via the mortgage company that is processing it. They should be able to keep you posted anyways.
11.Once the buyers are approved, an appraisal will be ordered. If it comes in higher then the purchase price, then the buyers will reap the benefits. This is why  it is important to price the home well … by using a REALTOR® who is experienced and knowledgeable. Should it come in lower then the agreed price, the sales price will have to be lowered or the buyer will have to come up with more money. At any rate you both will be back to the round table to hopefully agree on a price that you both can live with.
12.By this time, all inspections that the buyers had specified should have been performed and you will know if anything was noted for repair.
13.A definite closing date will be set and a closing will now take place at the Title Company. Proceeds will be disbursed to the sellers. And the documents will be recorded.